Introduction: For the Serious Golfer

Imagine going to a place where assessment and training in every aspect of your golf game is available to maximise your potential as a golfer.

Imagine a training environment that encapsulates a unique golfing experience.

Now this is a reality!

Through the ‘Train As A Tour Player' program you can access world class authorities in the fields of golf specific physiotherapy, myotherapy, biomechanics, nutrition, psychology and coaching.

All of these services are co-ordinated to meet your needs and are available at arguable the best golf specific training centre – The Australian Institute of Sport Golf Unit – based at one of Australia's top Championship courses, Moonah Links.

United Kingdom (UK) Seminars

  • 27-28 June 2008
    NEW - "Train as a Tour Player" Seminar

  • 29-30 June 2008
    "Get Fit for Golf" Seminar

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The ‘Train As A Tour Player' program is a unique experience brought to you by…

Moonah Links: The Home of Australian Golf

and the

Melbourne Golf Injury Clinic

Bringing the world's cutting edge golfing technology to you. Our team of specialists include consultants to:

  • The Australian Institute of Sport Golf
  • The Australian Golf Union
  • Womens Golf Australia
  • The Australian PGA
  • The British PGA

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