Participant's Comments

"The 'Get Fit for Golf' seminars provide the highest standard of practical information to participants. The speakers are involved at all levels of golf which is a unique situation. This provides a comprehensive approach to the subject of golf specific training and injury prevention.

I personally access the extensive services the speakers provide for my ongoing education and for my players. In conclusion, the programs that the speakers and Victorian Institute of Sport provide are truly world's best practice and a must for any individual seriously interested in getting involved in the sport of golf "

- Steven Bann
Coach to Stuart Appleby and Robert Allenby
(both ranked in the top 50 players in the world)

"Ramsay is a true Scotsman, with an infectious enthusiasm for both golf and physical therapy. He has gained a great deal of practical and theoretical experience working with golfers of all abilities, playing and teaching professionals, and with many national golfing associations, and he clearly enjoys sharing this knowledge on his courses and seminars.

He will combine familiar concepts of orthopaedic assessment, muscle balance and dynamic flexibility with golf-specific and swing-specific bio-mechanical and postural observations.

His courses will show you how to bridge the gaps between golfer, therapist and teaching professional as a combined team effort. Dedicated golf therapists, or just those with a professional interest will gain assessment skills, clinical solutions and new ideas from Ramsay."

- Robert Wood, Physiotherapy Consultant for Golf World Magazine

"There is a multitude of information on golf specific training however the infomation presented by Ramsay and the Professional Coaches from the Institutes of Sport in Australia have a strong golf foundation and are fully integrated with the teaching of the golf swing. This is a major factor and this in conjunction with the results of a decade of work in golf specific training has produced information that PGA Tour Players can understand. and use on an everyday basis. The Golf Fitness Systems Software and Get Fit for Golf Workshops reinforce this view."

- Mathew Goggin
US PGA Tour Player

Lecturers keep in touch with participants after the seminars.
Lecturers keep in touch with participants after the seminars.

"Physical Therapist Ramsay McMaster and Golf coach Dennis McDade show a great interest in sharing their knowledge. They are very approachable, genuine and are willing to help both during and after class. This is a great help for students who desire putting together their own program for golfers.

- Susan Rovnak, USA. PT

"Ramsay's knowledge of the body and golf specific fitness is vital to anyone who wants to play better golf "

"Ramsay clearly understands the importance of coordinating the expertise of the physical therapist and the golf professional"

" Ramsay clearly explains how the body works in the golf swing and the appropriate physical regime to prevent injury"

"Ramsay's passion for golf fitness is contagious!"

- Peggy Franklin
President Golf Forever
A specialized program for Senior Golfers

"Ramsay's presentations are the best in the world. He is outstanding in his delivery and he makes all the information easy to understand. Ramsay is a golfer and an amazing presenter. His seminars are a blast, he keeps you energized and truly excited to go and use the wealth of information he has just shared with you.

Ramsay has worked with so many top players in the world. His record of helping players play their best is second to none. Any golf professional or physical Therapist/ Trainer who is actively working to becoming his or her best would certainly do themselves a world of good to work with Ramsay."

- David Pezzino
Head Golf Coach
Florida International University
Miami, Florida

No franchising - just the facts.
No franchising - just the facts.

"Thanks to Ramsay McMaster and Caroline Creager for a great golf seminar. I've been disappointed in the past with other courses that focused more on selling franchises than presenting information. My goal for learning about video analysis, exercises with a focus on flexibility, strength and balance for golfers, and marketing a golf specific program has been exceded. I highly recommend this seminar to anyone interested in working with golf clients in any setting. Thanks again!"

- Bruce Langevin PT, CSCS

The US Fit for Golf is an exceptional program for both the physical therapist and golf professional. The program demonstrates how the physical therapist and golf professional can improve the quality of life and golf for any golfer. Working together produces more contacts and business for both the physical therapist and golf professional. I highly recommend the program."

- David Wurzer PhD
Education Section of the South California PGA

"As a physiotherapist working with professional and elite amateur players, I believe the assessment skills and training programs taught on the course are invaluable. The software is the perfect adjunct to the course, allowing constant and easy reference to a wealth of information. I highly recommend both to anyone interested in golf or the treatment of golfers. I wish the Ramsay and the team continued success."

- Orlaith Buckley
Physiotherapist for the Irish Golf Team

"I have been fortunate enough to attend and participate in a number of presentations and seminars that Ramsay has organised. It's always exhilarating to listen to and to work alongside someone with such knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm. I always come away feeling inspired and motivated.

Ramsay is an innovator in his field and deserves the worldwide recognition that he now gets for his work. It's reassuring to know that golfers are now able to access such knowledge and to gain significant benefits both in their games and lifestyles."

- Keith Wiliams
English Golf Union National Coach & Director of Coaching

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