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Ramsay McMaster and The Melbourne Golf Injury Clinic have been consultant physiotherapists to the Australian Golf Union for the past 12 years. This has involved the provision of advice in the development of programmes and resources as well as specific services to the Australian Institute of Sport Golf Programme. Ramsay's group has extensive experience in this field, providing approximately 50.000 consultations to more than 5000 golfers in that time.

The AGU recognises that good health and fitness are vital components of golfer wellbeing and improved performance and the expertise provided by Ramsay has been of great benefit to all levels of golfer from grass roots through to elite.

In particular, with the population ageing, the AGU is currently developing resources specifically targeted at extending the playing life of older golfers. This will involve working in cooperation with Ramsay in a number of health areas, including assisting people who suffer from arthritis. This is a key part of a plan to ensure the viability of Australian golf clubs through the retention of members who otherwise may have retired due to health issues.

Kevin Tangey
Australian Golf Union

Golf by its very nature appears to be a low intensity game.

Closer examination will reveal a series of exact movements that are completed at quite high speed to achieve an extremely athletic performance.

The repetition of this movement may cause physiological injuries to occur.

At the PGA we have programs in place to develop the physiological preparedness of our players to reduce the likelihood of injuries occurring.

Ramsay McMaster lies at the forefront of our preventative and rehabilitative programs. His expertise in golf physiotherapy makes him a world-class leader in this field.

I am sure that Ramsay can keep you on the course until well into your senior years.

Good Golfing,

Andrew Dowling
Training Coordinator
PGA of Australia

PO Box 1314
Crows Nest NSW 1585

In recent years coaching golf has changed dramatically. Today's top golf coaches are beginning to understand the importance of sport science, coaching teams and integration. These ideas/concepts are not new to sport but they are fairly new to golf. Until recently these integrated holistic programs have been available only to the elite competitive golfers.

With the introduction of the ‘G.U.R.' program introduced by Ramsay McMaster and his Staff at the Melbourne Golf Injury Clinic, these individualised programs are now available to golfers at all levels. Ramsay and his Staff are ready, willing and able to design a program to meet your needs. Whether your goal is to optimise performance or to organise a golf specific rehabilitation program, it is important to surround yourself with the right people and information.

I would strongly suggest anyone who is serious/concerned about their long term progress and longevity in golf to make this a part of your program.

- Kevin Kirk

As a professional golfer I have placed my body under significant stresses and strains over 20 years.

The golf swing works in one direction and the force is 8 times your body weight on impact. This has caused key areas such as my neck to take a lot of this pressure as well as my back.

I feel that if the programs that are now available were available when I first began golf, some of this damage would have been prevented.

Pro active programs are always better than reactive treatment.

The program I received was not only intensive and golf specific but also educated me on “what my body does in my golf swing”.

- Alison Nicholas

I dislocated my shoulder in October 2002.  After experiencing on and off pain I stopped playing in November 2003 due to the pain. 

In Feb 2004 Ramsay did a screening of me in Long Beach.  It was discovered that my right side had built right up to compensate for my weak left side. My right shoulder was hunched forward to compensate and as a result my traps, neck and lower back were all straining and very tight. 

When I returned to Australia in June 2004 I had 6 weeks of intense rehab. This involved myotherapy, massage, physio and extensive strength exercises for my core and shoulder muscles.

To no avail, the shoulder would not be able to tighten with out the help of surgery. I had a left shoulder arthroscopic reconstruction in July 2004 and was in a sling for 6 weeks.

I then went on to have 3-4 months of solid rehab involving acupuncture, physio and massage under Michael Dalgleish. 

I am now back playing in the US at college in Long Beach. I do strength exercises in the mornings and swim 2 days a week to keep up the maintenance.

If you have any further questions I would be more than willing to help.


Hayley Wilkinson

'My two visits to your rehab centre in Melbourne have not only improved my golf considerably, but have improved my well-being altogether.

After years of sitting on airplanes and behind a desk I had become incredibly inflexible and was experiencing problems with my lower back. I am now so much more aware of what I need to do on a daily basis that will stand me in good stead for the rest of my life.

learnt about hydration and nutrition. I am now able to rotate much better, and with ongoing work I continue to improve my flexibility.

Visiting your rehab clinic is of benefit to everyone and I am delighted that I had the opportunity.'.

Best regards,
Alec Pettigrew
Hong Kong Golf Team

“With better knowledge and technique learnt from Liam on my golfing posture, I no longer have that ‘tight-back' feeling that I once used to have after my round of golf. Certainly, with a proper golfing body posture, potential injury to my back will be minimised.”

Ted Ling

"For nearly three years now I have suffered random bouts of acute heel pain. Various medical opinions - including one from the Mayo Clinic - concluded that my problem was tendonitis.   

A recent flare-up (after 9 holes on the Eden) prompted me to seek treatment from Liam. The initial session was most successful as Liam correctly diagnosed that tendonitis was merely a symptom of the real problem in my heel.  Liam suggested various ways to help with the pain and I am relieved to finally learn the true cause of my heal pain.

The therapy is working and I highly recommend Liam to anyone looking for a path to wellness."

Mike Nardozza

"I have been working with Liam since July 2004 on developing my body postures and maintaining physical requirements for my golf performance and for postural endurance off the course.

In that time I have experienced some rewarding golf scores and tournament results as well as improved and much more efficient posture on and off the course.

I strongly recommend Liam and his team to improve your body and help with injury reduction and treatment programs."

John Ball

"I was rather sceptical when Liam Fitzpatrick first arrived and talked about the Myotherapy he was practicing. Most of our golf club members had never heard of this therapy, perhaps considering it a fancy name for massage. Against my better judgement however, I was persuaded by my wife to receive Liam's treatment. But was absolutely convinced that nothing much could be done to remedy my aches and pains.

At the first session I told Liam that I had one leg longer than the other, which over the years had resulted in back and hip problems. I would probably need a hip replacement at some future time, also my neck pain was probably spondylitis.

After a thorough examination, Liam found my legs to be exactly the same length and that my hip and neck pains were the result of trapped nerves. The nerves had become enflamed and had been in this state for a number of years, without relief.

Liam has given me a number of exercises and I have since started with these and have already had some improvement. I should be able to see some tangible benefits hopefully within the next 6 months."

Ernest James Evans

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