Golf Specific Exercises


The Melbourne Golf Injury Clinic has moved away from generic exercises you would see people participating in at their local gyms e.g. bicep curls, sit ups and “pecdeck” etc.

In fact, we found that the majority of these exercises have a bad effect on the golf swing. (See Rehabilitation Section). Our belief is that you should do the following functional exercises in sequence. We have over 120 golf specific exercise drills & we enclose our sequencing routine with an example of our exercises in each section.

“GOLF BODY BLOCKS” In Sequencing Breathing and Tempo
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  • Upper Body Segment
  • Middle Body Segment
  • Lower Body Segment
  • Flexibility / Mobility
  • Balance / Proprioception
  • Extension Static Posture
  • Core Stability
  • Dynamic Posture / Rotation
  • “True Golf” Strength & Conditioning

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