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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long have we been established?

A. We have been treating golfers since the early 1990's. We started off with a few golfers now we have seen golfers from all over the world.

Q. What type of golfers seek G.U.R. (Golfer Under Repair) help?

A. There have been over 5,000 golfers of all types and ages. We see senior golfers, elite female golfers, elite male golfers, juniors male and female, Tour players and most importantly, golfers who have physical disabilities that affect their participation in golf

We have even seen a golfer aged 101 for a maintenance program to keep his functional to play at his local Club. (Also see G.U.R.)

Q. What is the Melbourne Golf Injury Clinic?

A. The Melbourne Golf Injury Clinic is the first golf injury clinic that services all golfers' needs.

We normally treat golf injuries but provide a unique screening golf specific fitness program.

All our Staff members play golf and have a great passion for the game. All sessions are very golf based e.g. specific and unique golf exercise drills.

We provide a very integrated program that includes physiotherapy; massage; myotherapy; strength & conditioning; nutrition; orthotics; Pilates based exercise drills and biomechanic 3D analysis and bio feedback.

Each golfer is given a booklet/manual to ensure they have a program specific to their golf swing. This is then upgraded to higher levels of strength, skill and function as they improve.

Q. Who do you service at elite level?

A. We are preferred providers of services to AGU, AIS, PGA, WGA and WGV. We provide written manuals for the British PGA and also service the Ladies European Tour. Ramsay is a consultant for the US First Tee Program.

Q. How much experience do your golf therapists have?

A. All our therapists:

  • Treat golfers for over 25 hours of each working week.
  • They lecture and do workshops at local golf organizations and golf Clubs. They also treat the full spectrum of golfers e.g. juniors, seniors, elite tour players

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