Current Edition Magazine - March 2007 - Volume 9

In this issue ...

  • The Second World Golf Fitness Summit page 2

  • How to Prolong the Longevity of Middle Age / Baby Boomer Golfers
    Ramsay McMaster Golf Physiotherapist / Rohan Clarke Golf Digest page 5

  • What is a Good Golf Coach?
    Dr Karl Morris......... page 11

  • Putting - that “Other Game"
    John Crampton Golf Specific Sports Psychologist......... page 15

  • What is Tour Game Telling You?
    Kevin Kirk US PGA Professional and Level 1 Titleist Certified page 21

  • Finding a Golf Specific Trainer
    Simon Webb & Trent Malcolm Golf Strength Conditioners and
    R. Clarke Golf Digest......... page 25

  • Is an anterior tilted pelvis hurting your game?
    Denis McDade......... page 31

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