G.U.R. - Golfers Under Repair


The G.U.R. Program is designed to deal with golfers who need specific golf rehabilitation.

The objectives are as follows:

  • To provide golf specific rehabilitation information to the “baby boomer generation” and their associated injuries and pathology e.g. spinal injuries and arthritis;
  • To provide the international Golf Associations clear clinical pathways and rehabilitation programs to maintain attendances at golf clubs;
  • To provide a data base of case histories that shows restoration of function and return to golf participation;
  • To specifically deal with each golfer who has an injury or a pathology that restricts the ability to participate and compete in golf;
  • To provide educational and training for golf organizations on risk management, injury prevention and duty of care;
  • This information would not only be provided for senior and middle aged golfers but would also address any high risk or potential risk with juniors;
  • Through ongoing assessment and evaluation of these sub groups the information will provide templates and early, intermediate and late stage strategies for full golf rehabilitation and return to golf;
  • The G.U.R. program will integrate the golf unions, associations, coaching and sports medicine professionals to provide a holistic approach to golfers incapacitated by injury or pathology and promote world's best practice.

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