G.U.R. - Golfers Under Repair


For the first time in the world golfers of all ages & handicaps can now receive an intensive golf specific rehabilitation program to maximise their function and performance on the golf course.

The golfers under rehabilitation / repair program otherwise known as G.U.R., integrates all of the sports medicine disciplines to your physical requirements and individual needs as a golfer.

We have put together a sports science and medical team comprised of world authorities in the area of golf medicine. This includes

  • golf specific doctors,
  • physiotherapists,
  • strength and conditioning coaches,
  • myotherapists, massage therapists,
  • dieticians,
  • psychologists,
  • club fitters and
  • golf bio-mechanists.
  • (Physiological & rehabilitation PGA Coaches are also available on request if you are not using your own coach).

The members of the golf specific rehabilitation team are not only expert in the area of golf they also speak nationally and internationally on their subject of golf.

G.U.R. is designed to help all golfers recover from injuries that are caused by golf and injuries that are a result of pathology eg. arthritis that inhibits or restricts golfers playing golf.

Common rehabilitation areas are

  • neck,
  • shoulder,
  • elbow,
  • wrist,
  • back,
  • hip and
  • general areas of the body that get stiff and restrict golf participation.

Golfers from

  • England,
  • Hong Kong,
  • Scotland,
  • India,
  • USA,
  • New Zealand and
  • Australia

have all attended the G.U.R programs.

The goal of G.U.R is to prolong the longevity of all golfers and to continue their participation in golf.

The real meaning of G.U.R.

On every golf course in the world every golfer will have seen the sign with the letters G.U.R.

G.U.R, “Ground Under Repair” usually signifies a special part of the course that is not only of high importance but is such a significant facet in the functioning of the course itself it has to be given specialised treatment in order that it can return to full function.

The initials G.U.R., “Golfers Under Repair” can closely relate to regional parts of the golfer's body that breakdown through injury, for example if the knee is injured it will affect the overall function of that golfer in that it will affect his / her ability to swing, walk and participate on the golf course.

Injury and underlying pathology e.g. arthritis, is common in golf club members around the world and leads to their inability to participate and inevitably can lead to them cancelling their membership and leaving golf all together.

The other identical relationship that golfers have with the golf course is the way that G.U.R is treated. It is either replaced totally with new grass specific to the area or given time, care and specialised treatment to bring it back to full function.

This is similar to a golfer who has undergone rehabilitation e.g. for a back injury or a hip/knee replacement.

Proper golf specific rehabilitation will promote full restoration of the course or the golfer's body.

The aim of the Golfers Under Repair Program is to maintain the golf population within the golf community, not only to prolong longevity in the game of golf but also to promote enjoyment through a pain free and functional golf swing.

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