G.U.R. - Golfers Under Repair

What are the Benefits of the G.U.R. Program?

Once the G.U.R. objectives are established the following benefits can be outlined:

  • It allows golfers with physical disabilities and injuries to access the most dynamic and pro-active golf rehabilitation team and services in the world;
  • Golfers undergoing rehabilitation will receive the latest up to date assessments specific to their golf swings and individual physical needs.
  • The golfer can choose form a vast menu of golf specific services;
  • The program helps promote the longevity of the golfer;
  • The program is based in one of the golf centres of the world;
  • Couples and families can attend and experience the program together. The program will encourage golfers to share this unique golfing experience;
  • People leaving other sports e.g. rugby, soccer, tennis will be encouraged to know that they can get fit for golf when they cross over to golf as their main sport.

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